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Question Writer Tracker Manual/Controlling and Monitoring Access/Provide Candidate ID

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Provide Candidate ID to Question Writer TrackerEdit

This feature is useful if you are sending quiz takers to Question Writer Tracker, and want to be sure that the score is recorded against a particular id number.

You can include their ID in the URL you send to them and it will be automatically embedded in the quiz.

Example: If your quiz location is http ://

you can embed the user id like this http ://

The candidate will show up on your reports as 'myuserid' regardless of what they enter as an id.

You can also untick the User id box in Quiz Properties - Introduction so that the participant is not asked to provide any id.

This technique works with one time use tokens too.

It is usually a good idea to launch a new window without an address bar when using this technique so that the user can't change the URL.