Question Writer Manual/Quiz Options/Introduction


This page allows you give initial instructions to the Quiz Takers and collect basic identifier information from them. The “next” button will not appear until all the input fields have something entered in them – so forcing the quiz takers to supply you with their id information.

Display InstructionsEdit

If you tick the Display Instructions box a short message will be shown to the quiz taker at the start of the quiz. You can amend the text of this message if you wish.

  You can also include an image (or audio or video as .swf) in this screen. You do this by browsing for the required image, uploading and then adding it. For more detailed instructions see Adding Questions.

User IdentificationEdit

A Tick box gives you the option collect personal identifiers for your quiz takers, eg Name or ID number.


User IdentificationEdit

With the Professional version, tick boxes allow you to set and collect up to 5 different identifiers for your quiz takers, eg Name, ID number, Email address, Company, Location. You can change the information that you collect by changing the name of each identifier in Other Labels. These identifiers will appear in the results reports.

Field Length for User DataEdit

The Professional version also allows you to input the field length for the user identification fields. You can enter anything you feel appropriate - but remember that space on a web page is limited.