Question Writer Manual/Look and Feel/Adding Video

Adding VideoEdit

There are three ways to add video to your quiz.

  1. Embed a video file in the quiz
  2. Upload a YouTube video
  3. Embed a video player in the quiz

Embed a video file in the quizEdit

To do this, you must first convert the video to the .swf format. You’ll need an additional tool to do that. There are many tools that can help you do this, here are links to a few if you don’t already have one: [1]; [2].

Once you’ve made the .swf, you can include it in your quiz in the same way you would include an image.


Upload a YouTube videoEdit

This method uses a piece of flash that points at the correct YouTube video. The video will be displayed inside your quiz, but it will be loaded from YouTube.


You can choose which YouTube video by editing the parameter, change the part after the /v/ to select the correct YouTube video. Also, it doesn’t necessarily need to point to a YouTube video – it will work with any online Flash video (version 8 or less).

Here is a sample quiz made using this method [3]

The easiest way to use this style of question is to

  1. Download the sample quiz [4] and open it in Question Writer
  2. Drag and drop the video question into your own quiz
  3. Customize it by changing the video parameter and question text/options.

Embed a video player in the quizEdit

This way allows you to upload your video to your website, but embed a player in the quiz. Here’s an example video quiz so that you can see what it looks like [5].

The advantage to this method is that you can keep your own video format, and don’t need to upload it to a site like YouTube, and your quiz loads quickly because it doesn’t have the bulk of embedded video.

To use this method you need to include the videoplayer.swf [6] as content within your question and then give it a parameter ‘video’ with your url. You can also give it a parameter ‘autoplay’ as false if you don’t want it to autoplay.

Here’s the source for a sample quiz [7] if you want to see how it all works in Question Writer. Drag and drop the question into your own quiz to use it.

Some technical notes.

1. You can use the latest and greatest codecs that the Flash Player can handle including h264 and the FLV file format. While QW creates Flash 8 quizzes, if the user has a more recent Flash player, it will load the new codecs without a problem. I recommend you use h264 for all your videos for best results.

2. Usually you won’t want to use browser resizing when using video files, the resizing can make the video look blurry.

3. You can use video of any dimensions, but make sure to enter the dimensions in the Flash content element in Question Writer.