Question Writer Manual/Look and Feel/Change Background and Loader

Change Background and Loader ImageEdit


If you own the Professional Version you can customize the appearance of your quiz by adding your own background image and by changing the screen loader image. This is done as part of the Quiz Properties in Override Background Images. You add the images in the same way that you add an image to a question (About Questions). You can use any .gif,.jpg or .swf (v8 or earlier). This means that your quiz can fit seamlessly into your website or corporate brand.

For best results, use images with the same dimensions as the theme you are using. The most common size is 800x600. Higher resolution is generally better - but often a jpeg/bitmap style background won't look so good when it is resized for the browser. Instead - switch off the web setting, 'maximize in browser', or even better, use vector images inside a Flash file for the best results.

What Dimensions To UseEdit

To find out the right dimensions for the theme you're using - deselect the web setting 'maximize in the browser', then publish for the web and have a look at the html code in the published file . . . there will be a line similar to,


The 800 and 600 are the exact dimensions that the theme uses.

Alternatively, you can also look at the .qws or .qwz files directly with notepad to find the values . . . they look like

<pair name="flashmoviewidth" value="800" /> 
<pair name="flashmovieheight" value="600" />