Question Writer Manual/Frequently Asked Questions/Upgrade

QW Question Mark.jpg Can I Upgrade?

Yes of course you can. There are two types of upgrade possible:

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of Question Writer from an older version
  2. Upgrade from Standard version to Professional version

Upgrade to latest version of Question WriterEdit

If you have an older version of Question Writer you can upgrade to the latest using the link on our website:

When you receive your new license you should uninstall the old version of Question Writer. See the FAQ on how to uninstall for some guidance on this.

You can then download the new software from our website [1] and follow the instructions in the FAQ on Installing a license to load your new license.

Upgrading your licenseEdit

Once you have purchased your upgraded license, you'll need to save your new license into your Question Writer directory (C:\Program Files\Question Writer 4\) and delete the old license from this directory in order to complete the upgrade.

You do not need to open the file.

The next time that you open Question Writer the software will detect your upgraded license and open as the upgraded version.

There is step by step guidance on installing the license in this FAQ