Question Writer Manual/Frequently Asked Questions/Uninstall

QW Question Mark.jpg How do I uninstall Question Writer 3?

Automatic UninstallEdit

You can usually uninstall the software satisfactorily by using

Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP / 2000)

Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall Software (Windows Vista)

Choose the 'Question Writer 4' entry and the software will be uninstalled.

Manual File DeletionEdit

You should always try to automatically uninstall the software first when removing the software. Following that, you can also try to manually delete all the files associated with Question Writer.

You'll need to choose your system setting 'Show Hidden Files And Folders / System Files'. There are steps on how to do that here,,4155-1916458,00.html

Remove the following directories from your file system -

C:\Program Files\Question Writer 4

C:\Program Files\Question Writer 4 Basic

(Windows 2000 / Windows XP)

C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Central Question Ltd

(Windows Vista)

C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Local\Central Question Ltd

Replace 'Your Name' with your user name or the profile name with which Question Writer was installed.