Question Writer Manual/Look and Feel/Adding Audio

Adding Audio


The steps that you will take to add audio to a question will vary depending on which version of Question Writer you are using. If you are using Question Writer 3 please follow this link.

You can add audio files to both the Question and to the Answer options (if you are a user with a Professional license) and the files can be in either MP3 or .swf format.

Adding Audio to a Question


There are two possible ways that you can add audio to a Question, though the second method is only available to users with a Professional license.

The first method is to follow the steps for adding an image, only instead of an image file you add your audio file.

  The second method is to right click on your question and select Add - Content


and then Add-Audio and select your audio file.


If you use this method you can adjust the alignment of the audio player in the page.


Adding Audio to Answer Options

  You can add audio to answer options in Partial Credit, Matching, Sequencing and Plugin Question types.

To add audio to the Answer Options follow the steps shown in the Adding Options section of the About Questions chapter.

You will be able to see an example of an audio quiz online by following this link [1].