Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

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Matter WavesEdit

  1. Introduction to QM
  2. Waves and Modes
  3. Blackbody Radiation
  4. Bragg's Law
  5. X-Ray Diffraction Techniques
  6. Operators and Commutators
  7. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
  8. Meaning of Quantum Wave Function
  9. Time Independent Schrödinger
  10. Mass, Momentum and Energy
  11. Perturbation Theory

Symmetry and Bound StatesEdit

  1. Complex Waves
  2. Symmetry and Quantum Mechanics
  3. Confined Matter Waves

Measuring the Very SmallEdit

  1. Continuous Matter or Atoms?
  2. The Ring Around the Moon
  3. The Geiger-Marsden Experiment
  4. Cosmic Rays and Accelerator Experiments
  5. Commentary


  1. Fermions and Boson
  2. The Hydrogen Atom
  3. The Periodic Table of the Elements
  4. Atomic Spectra

The Standard ModelEdit

  1. Quarks and Leptons
  2. Quantum Chromodynamics
  3. The Electroweak Theory
  4. Grand Unification?

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