QBasic/What Next

Websites edit

There are many good websites out there on the topic of QBasic. This is a list of the best sites:

Petes QBasic Site: This site is mostly aimed at people thinking about programming video games in QBasic.

The QBasic Page: This is a good site for getting source codes and programs for QBasic.

QBasic News: The most recent and up to date news on the QBasic community.

QBasic Programming for Kids: A good site for young people to start programming.

Qb64  : All you need to know about QB64.

Also, the QB64 IDE has an inbuilt help page, giving essential help when you don't know how to use a command. The only drawback is , it does not show any help unless you select the command and right click on it, and click on "HELP ON ...." which means, you atleast have to know the name of the command before you seek help on it.

Further in programming edit

If you are learning QBasic, chances are that you are still new to programming. It is a diverse world, explore it!

A list of extremely good programming languages to continue further: