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Symbol type grid puzzles are named as such due to it needed mostly symbols (number, alphabet or at times symbol) to fill inside the cells to solve the grid puzzle. One of the more popular ones are Sudoku.



  • Place 1 to 9 exactly once in every row , column and bold line 3X3 box

As Ez As ABCEdit


  • Place letter A,B and C exactly once each into every row and columns of cells inside the grid.
  • Therefore in 5X5 grid, at least 2 cells for every columns and rows will be empty .
  • Letters outside grid to indicate which letter appears closest to that end in that row's and column's



  • For each row and column, there will be placement of number 1-5 (non repeating) which will obey the inequality signs
  • Greater than ">" signs between some cells indicate that the value in one cell will always be greater than another as indicated by the signs. The sign will always be pointing towards smaller number

KenKen / CalcudokuEdit


  • Place no 1 to 6 once each into every row and column of the grid, while obeying region totals
  • The value of the top left of each region must be obtained when all the number in that region have the given operation ( + , - , / , * ) applied between them. For - and / , operation begin with the largest number in the region and then subtract or divide by the other numbers in any order



  • Place digit from 1 to 9 in each of white cell
  • Not one digit can be used more than once in any run
  • Each horizontal run sums appear in the upper diagonal line at the left of the run
  • Each vertical run sums appear in the below diagonal line at the top of the run

King's JourneyEdit


  • Empty cells are filled so that each cells contain number 1 to 64 exactly once
  • Starting from no 1, the route used visit each grid exactly once in manner of left , right, up , down or diagonally between cells



  • Place 1 to 5 into each column and row of the grid. The grid is placed so that the clue number outside represents the number of digits that are 'visible' from that point
  • A digit is visible unless there is a higher digit preceding it, reading in order along that row or column. See Line of sights explained in sky scrapper for explanation
In top example, we can see only 2 blocks that is 4th storey (3 storeys are blocked by it) and 5th storey height (1th and 2th storey are blocked by it)
In bottom example, we can see only 2 blocks that is 2th storey (1th storey are blocked by it) and 5th storey height (3th and 4th storey are blocked by it)

Ripple EffectEdit


  • A digit is placed in each region so that each bold line region have each digit (which is equivalent to total cells in that region)
  • Equal digits in a row or column must be separated by at least the number of cells given by that digit



  • Place 1 and 0 in every column and row so that each row and column have equal amounts of 0's and 1's
  • Along the column or row, there should not more than double 0's or 1's in succession

Jigsaw LettersEdit


  • Place A to E exactly once in each row, column and bold line regions

No 4 in a rowEdit


  • Place either 'X' or 'O' into each empty cells so that none four (4) consecutive X's or O's appeared vertical, horizontal or diagonal directions