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Some background about these riddles is given on the Puzzles in science page. There is no strict solution to any of these puzzles. So rather than searching for a solution try to find support in favor or against the following postulates.

Achilles and the tortoiseEdit

Achilles is racing against a tortoise. Starting the race the tortoise is 10 m ahaed. However, Achilles runs 20 times faster than the tortoise which runs at 1 m/sec (or any other positive speed). Shouldn't Achilles overtake the tortoise? In fact we shall see he does not. We start with the tortoise ahead at point A and Achilles behind at point B. When Achilles reaches point B a certain amount of time has passed which allowed the tortoise to move on to point C. Again Achilles reaching point C leaves the tortoise ahaed of some positive length, ad infinitum. Therefore Achilles is not going to catch up with the tortoise which is a contradiction to the initial notion of motion.

Therefore motion does not exist. Do you agree? comment

Here is a variant of the above puzzle:

Reaching point BEdit

Suppose you intend to travel from point A to point B on a straight line. In order to do that you have to reach the midpoint C between A and B. In order to reach point C you have to reach the midpoint of A and C, say D, ad infinitum. Therefore it takes you an infinite amount of finite movements to reach point B which is in contrast with the notion of constant speed.

Therefore motion does not exist. Do you agree?

The flying arrowEdit

Suppose an arrow is being shot from a bow. At any fixed point in time the arrow is motionless at a certain point. This directly contradicts the idea of motion since at any conceivable point in time motion is not present.

Therefore motion does not exist. Do you agree?