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The first known chess puzzles are dated way back during the Middle Ages (See: Wheat and chessboard problems) and from then on, it has evolved quite substantially since then.

With the arrival of computers, chess puzzle itself are well establish genre itself within few years, however there are always will be some interesting puzzles to be solved as will be shown on the following puzzles.

These chess puzzles provided can be puzzled over a piece of paper and can be enjoyed without the need for a chess set.

Enjoy the collections of the chess puzzle below:

Chess PuzzlesEdit

Below lists are some of the chess puzzles.

In fact many of the chess puzzles below don't require knowledge of the chess rule itself too (except for legal moves of certain chess piece).

Puzzles/Chess puzzles/Knight Tour

Puzzles/Chess puzzles/Eight Queens

Puzzles/Chess puzzles/Rook Polynomial

Puzzles/Chess puzzles/Rook Tour Around Spawns

Puzzles/Chess puzzles/Mutilated chessboard problem

Puzzles/Chess puzzles/Wheat and chessboard problem

Puzzles/Chess puzzles/Knight and 16 pawns