The word analogy itself coming from Greek words;ana- "upon, according to" and logos -"word","speech" Hence, it is a type of linguistic skills of grouping the words into their own groups.

The analogy puzzles are used to identify the relationship between a pair of words.

The format of analogies (in puzzles) are usually as followed:
1. [A] is to [B] as [C] is to [D]
2. [A]:[B] :: [C]:[D]

Usually, only the first pair of words are provided [A] and [B] (at times [C] are also provided) and the subject must correlate [C] relationship to [D]

For example:
(1) carrot:vegetable :: banana: _____________

As we can see, in the first pair of words, the word carrot are grouped into vegetable category, hence the word bananas in a way should be categorized into fruits category

(2) angry is to happy as fast is to ____________

The word angry are opposite to word happy, the second pair of word, the word opposite of fast is slow