Project Management/PRINCE2/Controlling a Stage

PRINCE2 Pre-Project Initiation stage Delivery stages (usually multiple) Final stage
Directing Starting Up a Project (SU) Directing a Project (DP)
Managing Managing a Stage Boundary (SB) Closing a Project (CP)
Initiating a Project (IP) Controlling a Stage (CS)
Delivering Managing Product Delivery (MP)

Left to right represents time. Top to bottom represents decreasing decision-making power.

Projects under PRINCE2 are divided into stages, which are logical parts of projects each of which are completed before the next can begin. Controlling a Stage deals with the inputs and outputs of a single stage: construction/receival and issuing of work packages; tracking and reporting progress through the stage; and capturing and acting on issues.

The key activities of this process are explained below.

Authorising a Work Package Edit

Assessing Progress Edit

Capturing and Reporting Issues Edit

Tracking and Reporting Progress Edit

Reporting Highlights Edit

Receiving Completed Work Packages Edit