Project Management/PRINCE2


PRINCE2 has seven principles of project management:

  1. continued business justification
  2. learn from experience
  3. define roles and responsibilities
  4. manage by stages
  5. manage by exception
  6. focus on products
  7. tailor to suit the project environment

And seven themes:

  1. business case
  2. organization
  3. quality
  4. plans
  5. risk
  6. change
  7. progress

These principles and themes are encapsulated in the seven processes (which form the basis from which this book shall examine PRINCE2):

PRINCE2 Pre-Project Initiation stage Delivery stages (usually multiple) Final stage
Directing Starting Up a Project (SU) Directing a Project (DP)
Managing Managing a Stage Boundary (SB) Closing a Project (CP)
Initiating a Project (IP) Controlling a Stage (CS)
Delivering Managing Product Delivery (MP)

Left to right represents time. Top to bottom represents decreasing decision-making power.

See also the PRINCE2 Glossary. Terms throughout the above pages are linked to this wherever required.