Programmed Math/Division

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Division can thought of a reverse multiplication of sorts, where you find how many numbers go into another numnber.

Division is usually in the format:

\frac{2}{4} (two divided by four) OR 2/4=x

For an example:

We want to find out what 100 divides by. We start with 1. We know that 1*100=100 So 100 is divisible by 1.

And we find that 2*50=100 So 100 is divisible by 2.

But 3*33.33=99.99 So 3 isn't. We can't divide 100 by 3 to get a straight answer.

So we go onto 4. 4*25=100 So 100 is divisible by 4.

And so on for each number. But this format takes too long, so we go: