The goal of this book is to create programmed instruction (PI) math lessons ranging from basic math all the way up through the end of high school math (usually trig). The idea of PI is that lessons can be learned in any order as long as subordinate lessons (pre-requisites) are taught before superordinate ones. For example, one would learn counting, then addition, then subtraction, then multiplication, then division. After this they would have the choice of learning either long division or fractions. After learning multiplication and division of fractions, one would have the choice of either mixed numbers or proportions. The content will be similar to the other math textbooks, but it will be presented in a non linear way. This way one can learn what they want to without having to learn extra material, and can learn the material in any order they choose. The challenge of this project will be figuring out what the prerequisites of each lesson are, and then directing the user to their options for their next lesson.

Content can be freely copied from, and any textbook in public domain (published before 1923) or released under the GFDL. Also note, the material on MathWorld is copyrighted so do not copy directly it as there have been legal problems with this website before.

If this project is a success then it will be expanded to other subject areas.

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Basic Math

Transitional Math / Pre-Algebra




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