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Pokémon Red and Blue

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Main GoalsEdit

The main goals of the player in this game are two:

  • Capture all 151 Pokémon in order to complete the Pokédex.
  • Win the eight Gym Badges from the Gym Leaders to access and win the Pokémon League.

Game StartEdit

The player receives one Pokémon from Prof. Oak, which must be trained to make it stronger in order to defeat other trainer's Pokémon in battle or to weaken wild Pokémon which can be captured with a special artifact called Pokéball.

Every Pokémon that wins a battle receives Experience Points, which allow it to grow, achieving new levels, learning new, more powerful movements, and even evolving into greater, bigger Pokémon.

To help the trainer in his mission, there are objects which can be used to restore health to Pokémon or cure them from Special Conditions such as Confusion or Paralysis.



The adventures in Pokémon Blue take place in the land of Kanto. This includes many cities and routes that the trainer must visit.


Beginning the gameEdit


Choose the New Game option in the menu which appears after the presentation. After setting your and your opponent's name, the game shall begin with you appearing in your room in Pallet Town. The first thing to do is to withdraw the Potion which you shall find stored in your computer.

After that, it's time to go! Explore Pallet Town a bit and you'll find your house, your rival's house and Professor Oak's lab.


Professor Oak's not in his lab, so you'll have to go to look for him somewhere else. The water-barred route to the south is not an option, so the only choice is to go north.

Once you step on the grass, Professor Oak shall appear yelling at you how dangerous is the path to the north, and he'll bring you to his lab, where his grandson (your rival) is awaiting. After a bit of talk, he'll grant you the chance to choose between one of the three starter Pokémon of this game: Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur.

  • Charmander has the strongest Attack and Speed of them. By contrast, his defence is weak.
  • Squirtle has the greatest level of defence. It also learns the best variety of attacks. Nevertheless, it is quite slow.
  • Bulbasaur is the best with Hit Points and Special Attack. On the other hand, it learns few good attacks by itself.

Whatever Pokémon you choose, your opponent shall select the one which has type advantage over yours. After you have both chosen your starter Pokémon, your rival shall challenge you to a battle to test your newly received Pokémon.

In this first combat, an agressive tactic is the best. Charmander's Scratch and Bulbasaur and Squirtle's Tackle are the best moves here. Keep on using damaging moves against the opponent's Pokémon, and don't forget to use the Potion you withdrew earlier from the PC if it is necessary, using it to restore up to 20 HP to your Pokémon (even though you lose a turn). Following this strategy, you should be able to beat the other Pokémon and win your first battle.

Route 1Edit

After defeating your rival, you can leave Pallet Town by heading north. Route 1 is a fairly straight-forward route, and you should be able to get to Veridian City without any problem. There is a shopkeeper handing out free samples, so be sure to talk to him.

Version Differences

Pokémon not availableEdit

Some Pokémon are exclusive to Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue each, and must be traded from other versions. This is the list of these Pokémon:

  • 023 - Ekans (exclusive to Pokémon Red)
  • 024 - Arbok (exclusive to Pokémon Red)
  • 027 - Sandshrew (exclusive to Pokémon Blue)
  • 028 - Sandslash (exclusive to Pokémon Blue)
  • 037 - Vulpix (exclusive to Pokémon Blue)
  • 038 - Ninetales (exclusive to Pokémon Blue)
  • 043 - Oddish (exclusive to Pokémon Red)
  • 044 - Gloom (exclusive to Pokémon Red)
  • 045 - Vileplume (exclusive to Pokémon Red)
  • 052 - Meowth (exclusive to Pokémon Blue)
  • 053 - Persian (exclusive to Pokémon Blue)
  • 056 - Mankey (exclusive to Pokémon Red)
  • 057 - Primeape (exclusive to Pokémon Red)
  • 058 - Growlithe (exclusive to Pokémon Red)
  • 059 - Arcanine (exclusive to Pokémon Red)
  • 069 - Bellsprout (exclusive to Pokémon Blue)
  • 070 - Weepinbell (exclusive to Pokémon Blue)
  • 071 - Victreebel (exclusive to Pokémon Blue)
  • 123 - Scyther (exclusive to Pokémon Red)
  • 125 - Electabuzz (exclusive to Pokémon Red)
  • 126 - Magmar (exclusive to Pokémon Blue)
  • 127 - Pinsir (exclusive to Pokémon Blue)