Pokémon/Contributor's Guide

Welcome to the Wikibooks Pokémon guide. So you want to contribute to this guide and help prospective Pokémon trainers become the best they can be?

Getting started edit

Before contributing to the Wikibooks Pokémon guide, there are some conventions that must be followed for the purposes of uniformity between the articles in the guide.

General conventions edit

  • The English version of the various Pokémon games are used for the purposes of consistency. Do not add anything that has not been confirmed to be in the English version. This includes romanizations of Japanese names and places.

Wikibooks Pokédex conventions edit

  • All articles within the Pokédex article should contain roughly the same amount of data. The categories and indices used within should categorize (with few exceptions) all of the Pokémon.
    • Note that some Pokémon will have more data available, as not all Pokémon have the same regional variants, mega evolutions, gigantamax forms, etc.
    • Some Pokémon rely on gimmicks or moves exclusive to them, and those should also be explained.
  • If you plan on adding some form of data, then add it to all of the Pokémon for which this data applies to. Having half-finished jobs may be okay for a short while, but leaving jobs half-finished for a long time is not.
  • To discuss strategy, use the talk pages. Include strategy on the article pages only when contributors reach a consensus.

Formatting conventions edit

  • Tables are never to be used unless it is for tabular data.
  • Try to stylize using CSS or wiki markup and not with presentational markup.

Contributing to the Wikibooks Pokémon guide edit

Within the Pokémon guide, we try to keep things organized and keep the amount of work to a minimum. To this end, we employ heavy use of MediaWiki's category and template system. All of the pages within the Pokémon wikibooks start with "Pokémon".

Main contributors edit