Hardware and Software Set-Up


The centerpiece of any podcasting setup is the computer. It is used, generally, for both the production and distribution of the show. The computer does not need to be tremendously powerful, but it must have a microphone (for the recording of the show) and internet access (for its distribution). Advanced podcasters generally opt for two condenser microphones (for in-studio interviews), and may have other microphones for recording of instrumentation and possibly for field recording (such as location interviews). The issue of software is more complicated than that of hardware. The following items are common: An audio editing program (such as Apple's GarageBand, Adobe's Audition, or Audacity, an open-source program) to receive input from microphones and other sources and to actually produce the show. A VoIP program (such as GizmoProject or Skype). GizmoProject is the generally preferred program for recording remote interviews as it includes an integrated recording function in the program. GizmoProject allows conversations to be recorded between the presenter and any telephone in the world.