Physical Chemistry

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Physical Chemistry


Classical Thermodynamics

Thermodynamic Systems
Introduction to Thermodynamics
State Functions
Thermodynamic Processes for an Ideal Gas

Quantum Mechanics

Introduction to QM
From Classical to Quantum Mechanics
Particle in a box

Statistical Thermodynamics

Introduction to Stat. Mech.

Applied Physical Chemistry

Lattice Enthalpy
Transition Element Oxides and Chlorides

Theoretical Chemistry

Molecular Orbital Theory
Valence Bond Theory
Group Theory and Symmetry
Electronic Structure Methods


Rotational & Vibrational

Recommended Texts for further reading

P.W. Atkins and J. DePaula, "Physical Chemistry" W. H. Freeman; 7th edition (2001)
McQuarrie, A.D. "Quantum Chemistry" University Science Books; 2nd edition (2008)