Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 3: Recipe for Turnabout/Part 3: Investigation

Wright & Co. Law Offices edit

As usual, you can Talk to Maya. You need to investigate more to find use for Victor's testimony, and learn more from your doppelganger. Also, you won't find Gumshoe in Criminal Affair's Department and Maggey at the Detention Center.

Move to Trés Bien.

Trés Bien edit

You will find Gumshoe, who is listening to the radio. He seems worked up. He is even eating a Twin-T set! Talk to Gumshoe:

  • Today's trial: Gumshoe's torn up about what Maggey said to you and he will bang his head against the wall.
  • Lunch Special: Gumshoe said it tasted really bad. Its quite hard to say why he had to pay so much money.

  • The radio: You ask him what he was listening to. He answers with 1 Psyche-Lock.

No need for any evidence finding, Present the Magatama:

Gumshoe's Psyche-Locks: The Radio edit

Gumshoe's Psyche-Lock: The Radio
1 Lock

Gumshoe refuses to tell you what he was listening to. Present the Victim's Lottery Ticket. He was obviously listening for the winning lottery number, but he didn't get it.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

File:PWAATaT Millionaire Radio Flyer.png
  • The radio: He does admit that he would get it big like Glen did. The Lottery starts at 1:30PM each week. Millionaire Radio Flyer will be added to the Court Record. Speaking of Glen...

...Present Glen Elg's Profile. Gumshoe says that he works in a place called Blue Screens, Inc. He gives you directions to the company.

Move to Blue Screens, Inc.

Blue Screens, Inc. edit

File:PWAATaT Losing Horse Race Tickets.png
File:PWAATaT Calender.png

You are greeted by a woman, who, the way she talks, doesn't act very human-like. She introduces herself as Lisa Basil, the director of Blue Screens, Inc. It looks like there is an HMD in her left eye, the same thing Glen is wearing? Talk to Lisa:

  • Blue Screens, Inc: All you could follow is that they analyze stuff and make CDs.
  • What happened: Lisa says a policeman arrived earlier. She told him about Glen, but not the waitress (Maggey) as she has nothing to do with Blue Screens, Inc. She permits you to take anything from Glen's desk.

Time for some exploring. Examine the papers on the floor. They all look like Losing Horse Race Tickets, which will be added to the Court Record.

Now, Examine the empty desk. It looks like a mess. Something catches Maya's eye. It looks like someone marked December 3rd on Glen's calendar, the day of the murder! What's more is that it says "Meet with the Tiger". It looks like a very important clue! Glen's Calendar will be added to the Court Record.


Present to Lisa Glen Elg's Profile. She said something about Glen's troubles, but pauses before she could continue.

  • Glen's troubles: Lisa will, you guessed it, throw in 3 Psyche-Locks.

Move to the Kitchen.

Kitchen edit

You will see Armstrong, talking with that mysterious girl you saw yesterday. It looks like he promised her not to talk to anyone. She will take a leave after threatening Armstrong. Talk to Armstrong:

  • Trés Bien: Despite not having customers and bad food, Armstrong is really going to defend it right until the end.
  • The woman just now: Just what were they talking about? It looks like you need to show him evidence.

Present Jean's Loan Contract. Armstrong says they kept harassing him about something before he finally gave in. He had no choice but to help "them".

  • The woman just now: Armstrong will reveal she works at a loan bank called "Tender Lender", where he borrowed half-a-million dollars from.
  • Tender Lender: He says the owner is known as "The Tiger". Apparently, Armstrong is forced to give back the half-a-million dollars back to him. He does say that he has spiky hair, just like yours! It looks like you are one step closer to your "phony".

Armstrong says Tender Lender is just beyond Vitamin Square.

If you are going for the "Le français" de Jean HD iOS achievement, present all of your evidence and profiles to Jean, as you will not get an opportunity to do so after this.

Move back to Trés Bien, which is along the way to Tender Lender.

Trés Bien (2) edit

File:PWAATaT Gumshoes Lunchbox.png

Along the way, Gumshoe says he will leave for now to attend a meeting for an unrelated case, but before he goes, he asks for a request for you. He made a bunch of weenies for Maggey, and he wants you to give it to her. Gumshoe's Lunchbox will be added to the Court Record.

Continue on (Move) to Vitamin Square, which is, once again, also on the way. When you're finished talking there, finally move to Tender Lender.

Tender Lender edit

File:PWAATaT Testimony.png
File:PWAATaT MC Bomber.png
File:PWAATaT Trés Bien Matches.png
File:PWAATaT The Paper Badge.png

It's that mysterious girl again. She will leave for a moment. This will give you an opportunity to look around for anything suspicious. Be mindful the mysterious girl might pop up while you do your investigation.

Examine the book shelf first. You will find a repair bill. It shows that "The Tiger" had to spend $15,000 on a car that belongs to a Cadaverini family! The Repair Bill will be added to the Court Record.

Examine the CD player on the desk. You check the CD inside it, and guess what it says, MC Bomber, the CD Maggey told you about! MC Bomber will be added to the Court Record.

Examine a dropped ashtray on the lower-right corner of the screen. It looks like a big mess. Something catches your eye. A box of matches and the name printed on it, Trés Bien! The Trés Bien Matches will be added to the Court Record.

Now, Examine the coats on the right side of the screen. One of the outfits looks like yours! What's more is that on one of the lapels, a fake attorney's badge is on it! The Paper Badge will be added to the Court Record.

Just then the Tiger arrives! He accuses you of knocking over his ashtray. However the mysterious girl comes in and admits she was the one who knocked it over. "The Tiger", rather than beating her, just forgives her... nervously. What? And he calls her Violetta. "The Tiger" will leave. It looks like you will have to Talk to Violetta:

  • Tender Lender: Simply a bank business where you can "loan" and "repay" the money through contract. Claims to be on "your" side.
  • What happened: She denies ever knowing an "incident". Though she does reveal the name of the tiger guy, Furio Tigre.

Present Furio Tigre's Profile to Violetta. She says that she and Tigre were lovers. Tigre saved her life once!

  • Saved your life?: Violetta said she "died" about 4 months ago. However, Tigre gave up everything and her life was saved. Does that explain the bandage on her head?
  • The head bandage: This will bring up 4 Psyche-Locks!

You'll have to come back later. Move to Vitamin Square.

Vitamin Square edit

You will see Victor again. Needless to say he isn't happy about today's trial. Unfortunately, Maya causes you more trouble by attracting his attention! Talk to Victor:

  • Today's trial: Victor still insists he saw the waitress pour the poison in the coffee and that the victim was wearing the earpiece on the same side as his HMD.
  • Embroiderer: You are given a choice, Pick Suck it up. Victor will reveal to you that he was forced to run an errand at Trés Bien!
  • The "errand": Victor reveals to you that Armstrong told him to call the police after Victor "saw" the murder. Victor was kicked out and it took him five minutes to find a phone booth. By that time, Armstrong was alone! What happened during those five minutes? Is it like someone didn't want Victor there? The reason Victor didn't say this in court today is because he didn't get a chance to. The judge called the bailiff to kick him out, just as he remembered something.

It looks like you need a word with the chef. Move to the Kitchen.

Kitchen (2) edit

Armstrong has left the kitchen, during opening hours? And right when we needed him most. Is he trying to avoid you?

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center edit

Maggey is done with questioning. Talk to her:

  • Contradictions: Maggey said she saw that other guy slip the poison in Glen's coffee, but Victor said he saw the waitress. You also mention about the CD and the magazine.
  • After the incident: This will make you more suspicious about Armstrong.

Present to Maggey Victor Kudo's Profile or Victor's Testimony. Maggey will tell you what she thinks.

  • Victor's testimony: Maggey will admit one thing, other than Victor, there was another customer! She describes her as a creepy woman with a cackling laugh! Could it be Violetta!?

Present Gumshoe's Lunchbox to Maggey. She doesn't accept it as she says she hates weenies, so you and Maya decide to eat it up. Gumshoe's Lunchbox will be removed from the Court Record.

Move to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

Criminal Affairs Department edit

It looks like there is some excitement here. You learn from Gumshoe that there is a virus sweeping the precinct computers. Talk to Gumshoe:

  • Tender Lender: He mentions about something about "that lady". Who is that?
  • Computer virus: Gumshoe doesn't really know what a virus is, but Phoenix (you) does.
  • What's a virus?: You explain to Maya and Gumshoe what a virus is. You probably heard a name like one before.

Present the MC Bomber. Gumshoe will recognize the name of the virus: MC Bomber!

Talk about MC Bomber. Gumshoe says criminals in the underworld would send threats and deals to businesses. If the deals weren't met, they will unleash a virus. MC Bomber looks like it was invented by some sort of genius, so it has to be worth millions! MC Bomber will be updated in the Court Record.

Present Violetta's Profile to Gumshoe. He says her real name is Viola Cadaverini, only granddaughter of Bruto Cadaverini, boss of the Cadaverini family, who are too powerful for the police to stop.

  • The Cadaverinis: Gumshoe says they are very powerful. They can use their money to control everything in the black market. Even Tender Lender. Bruto really loves Viola. She means everything to him. How did she end up in Tender Lender, Gumshoe does not know, but he does know that the loaner is pretty tight.
File:PWAATaT Gumshoes Lunchbox.png

Gumshoe then remembers the lunchbox he had you give Maggey. He was prepared, so he made an even bigger batch for you to give Maggey. Gumshoe's Lunchbox will be added to the Court Record. Again.

Move to Blue Screens, Inc.

Blue Screens, Inc. (2) edit

Present the Magatama:

Lisa's Psyche-Locks: Glen's Trouble edit

Lisa's Psyche-Locks: Glen's Trouble
3 Locks

You have to show Lisa what Glen's trouble centered around. Present the Losing Horse Race Tickets. Lisa doesn't buy it, so you have to show more of Glen's gambling problem. Present the Victim's Lottery Ticket. He brought lots of tickets and lost lots of time. He was so into gambling, it would probably cause his debt to pile up. (Note: You can switch the Evidence to get the same result).

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Glen finally had a stroke of good luck when he won half-a-million dollars, but he ran into a new problem. He met someone that is much ferocious. Present Furio Tigre's Profile. He met with the "Tiger". He even marked it on his calendar on the day of the murder. Lisa wants proof of Glen knowing Tigre. Present Glen's Calendar. They both probably met to discuss debt. (Note: Same thing as the first Psyche Lock. You can switch the Evidence.)

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Lisa says he would have to pay $100,000 to repay Tigre's debt. He did win the lottery, but what if he hadn't. He would plan to use his programming skills to get the money, when asked what he would make Present MC Bomber. (Note: You can only present this after you've jogged Dick Gumshoe's memory and talked about it at the Criminal Affairs Dept.)

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Lisa:

  • Glen's troubles: Lisa knew about Glen's gambling "virus" due to the debt of $100,000. Glen thought he had to take on risky extra work.
  • Risky extra work: Lisa confirms that Glen was the writer of MC Bomber. He had made it to repay his debt. December 3rd was the deadline for the repayment. MC Bomber will be updated to the Court Record and Losing Horse Race Tickets will be thrown out of the Court Record. Well, you threw it back at the floor and Maya reminds you to use the trash can!

Move to Tender Lender.

Tender Lender (2) edit

Present to Viola the Magatama.

Viola's Psyche-Locks: The Head Bandage edit

Viola's Psyche-Locks: The Head Bandage
4 Locks

If Viola says she had a fatal injury, then she must have been hurt real bad. Present the Repair Bill for proof. Apparently the car had an accident. It was from the Cadaverinis. She wants proof that she was related to the family. If you want the Violetta's Home-Made Donuts HD iOS achievement, present irrelevant evidence on this step because making an error on other statements will have Viola offer you the wrong questionable food item. Present Viola Cadaverini's Profile or Bruto Cadaverini's Profile. She was injured from that accident.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Viola will admit that she was driving one of the family's cars when she ran into what looked like to her a person driving a motorbike. She took a severe blow to the head. She doesn't know what happened to the person she hit. When asked who that person was, Present Furio Tigre's Profile. She denies it.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Viola wants proof. Present the Scooter. It looks badly damaged doesn't it?

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Now you have to show Viola why Tigre paid for the bill. Present Bruto Cadaverini's Profile, because what else? Viola was the granddaughter of the city's most powerful mafia boss! Viola will mention $1,000,000.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Viola:

  • The head bandage: Viola will finally say the cost of the operation: $1,000,000! Her grandfather wanted Tigre to pay in compensation. This has to be related to Glen's case.
File:PWAAJFA Letter of Introduction.png
  • Compensation: Tigre told her it was only for her, not for her grandfather. Viola wanted to believe him, so she helped him. She knew that Tigre was lying and what he was doing was evil.

Viola will give you her Medical Papers, which will be added to the Court Record. The Repair Bill will be removed.

The truth awaits! Move to the Trés Bien!

Trés Bien (3) edit

You will see Armstrong... and Tigre! He wants you to give him the medical papers! He even reveals that Armstrong might have something to do with the murder. Tigre punches you and grabs the vital evidence. Is it over!?

Not really, as fortunately for you, Gumshoe comes to your rescue! He gives you back the medical papers and he tells you to go, leaving Gumshoe with Tigre.

That was a close one! Will Gumshoe be all right? Will you manage to use the medical repair bill to get even with the impostor? Good luck in tomorrow's trial!