Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations/Episode 3: Recipe for Turnabout

The defendant is found Guilty!... wait, what!?

The Judge announces the guilty verdict despite plea from the defendant, who claims to have seen someone else at some table and that someone killed the victim. Apparently, the court thinks that the victim was alone. So who is defending the defendant? You!? And you lost to Winston Payne!? What is going on!?

Case Information edit

File:PWAATaT Case03crime.png
  • Time of Crime: December 3rd
  • Location: Trés Bien Restaurant
  • Defendant: Maggey Byrde
  • Victim: Glen Elg
  • Cause of Death: Poisoning
  • Murder Weapon: Potassium Cyanide (Poison)
  • Defense Attorney: Phoenix Wright
  • Prosecution Lawyer: Godot

Characters edit

Defense Attorney edit


Phoenix Wright

The papers say that you had lost the case... but you claim that never took it. Does that mean a "phony" Phoenix is running around?

Defendant edit


Maggey Byrde

Those who had played the last game will notice this is the second time you will be defending her. She works as a waitress at the Trés Bien. Can you manage to overthrow the "Guilty" verdict given out a month ago?

Victim edit

File:PW oka.png

Glen Elg

The victim that was poisoned at the Très Bien Restaurant. Maggey claims she saw someone else at the restaurant.

Prosecution Lawyer edit



A mysterious and colorblind prosecutor. He really loves coffee and almost drinks it constantly. He seems to know Phoenix and holds a grudge against him, but why?

Witness edit

File:PW igarashi.png

Victor Kudo

A rather grumpy old man who usually feeds pigeons at Vitamin Square.

File:PW hondobou.png

Jean Armstrong

A highly effeminate chef. He is the founder and owner of Trés Bien.

Other Characters edit


Maya Fey

Your assistant and spirit medium in-training. She is quite cheerful and sometimes pesters Phoenix for fun.


Detective Dick Gumshoe

Gumshoe is confused and sometimes doesn't really follow conversations. He has taken a liking to Maggey since her days as a police woman.


Mia Fey

Your deceased boss and mentor. Your friends Maya and Pearl can use the Kurain Channeling Technique to summon her spirit, just in case you're in a tight spot.

File:PW zenitora.png

Furio Tigre

A badass gangster, with red skin and roars like a tiger. He owns a company called Tender Lender. Also known as, well, The Tiger. Appears to look a lot like Phoenix. May be the fake attorney that tarnished your reputation.

File:PW urami.png

Viola Cadaverini

A rather creepy woman who works with Tigre at Tender Lender. Believe us when we say, don't go near her.

File:PW keiko.png

Lisa Basil

A inhuman-like woman who works at Blue Screens Inc., where Glen used to work at.

File:PW shikabane.png

Bruto Cadaverini

The most powerful mob boss in the city. Not to mention the most feared.

Locations edit


Wright & Co. Law Offices

This is where you work at.


Detention Center

This is where your clients (in this case Maggey) are held at.


Criminal Affairs Department

This is where detectives, such as Gumshoe, work at.

File:PW TresBienA.png
File:PW TresBienB.png

Trés Bien French Restaurant

The crime scene. Was there really someone else at the table of the victim?

File:PW KitchenNoTama.png

Trés Bien Kitchen

This is where the food (which is expensive and awful) was made.

File:PW VitaminSquareNoMaqg.png

Vitamin Square

A small park that is located right next to Trés Bien.

File:PW TenderLender.png

Tender Lender

A company that, as the name states, lends money.

File:PW BlueScreens.png

Blue Screens Inc.

A futuristic company where computers are made.