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Phantasy Star Online Character TypesEdit


Hunters are close range characters that specialize in sabers, swords, and partisans. Hunters are a good choice for the beginner player. Their high health is very useful, and they can go hand-to-hand more easily than some other character classes.


HUmars are human males, and a good character class for beginners. They grow levels faster, have good attack power, and are pretty well-rounded.


HUnewearls are female Newmans - a Phantasy Star species. Being Newmans they excel in magic. They also have good accuracy and evasion.


HUcasts are male robots. Being robots, they are unable to cast magic. However they make up for this shortcoming with the ability to set traps. Furthermore, this class can see most traps, and invisible units. HUcasts have the highest attack power of any character class.


HUcaseals are the female robotic hunter class. Like the HUcast, they have no magic, can use, and see traps, and can see invisible units. HUcaseals have high accuracy and evasion, and a unique dagger animation.


Rangers are the ranged weapon class of Phantasy Star Online. They have moderate defensive and attack abilities, but excellent accuracy. They specialize in Handguns, Machine guns, Shotguns, and Rifles. A choice for more experienced players, since Rangers can't go head to head with enemies.


RAmars are a balanced ranger class, able to use healing and support spells for when an enemy gets too close. Having great accuracy, they are very proficient with all ranger weapons.


RAmarls are the female human ranger class. They have the most magic of all rangers, so they can balance their ranged attacks with their magic ones. Having a low attack, they are best with stronger guns like rifles and handguns.


RAcasts are the male android ranger class. Being an android, they have no magic, but traps which are helpful in the easier difficulties of the game. They have the lowest accuracy of all rangers, and the lowest evasion of all classes, but have the highest health and are the strongest ranger in terms of power. Weapons like machine guns and shotguns are good since they use the high attack of the RAcast to its fullest.


RAcaseals are the female android ranger class. Being an android, they have no magic, but traps which are helpful in the easier difficulties of the game. They have the highest defense of all classes, and a good balance of accuracy and attack.


Forces are the magic class of Phantasy Star Online. The weapons they use, Rods, Canes, and Wands, are more useful for the statups they provide than attacking. Forces are very weak physically, so they rely on spells to kill the enemies before they can get hit. Forces are complicated to use and should only be used by experienced players.


FOmars are the male human force class. They are the strongest force physically, and the second weakest force magically, after FOmarl. With Shifta and Deband buffs at level 30, he can melee as well as a Hunter class.


FOmarls are the female human force class. They are the most balanced force, and are hard to play solo, but good to have in a team since she has increased support spells range.


FOnewms are the male newman force class. They are have high magic, and high evasion. They are good at avoiding attacks from enemies, but if they get hit they wont last long.


FOnewearls are the female newman force class. They have the highest magic power of all classes, but are very weak physically. FOnewearls need to kill enemies fast, and if they start to get too close, they need to run. Later in the game, there are many weapons that only FOnewearls can use, and many that only they can't use. Within Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II there are many kinds of weapons. Listed here are a selection of weapon types used in game.

Hunter weaponsEdit

  • Saber type - The saber weapon is good for attacking quickly.
  • Sword type - Sword type weapons can attack 5 monsters at a time. This makes it a good weapon type for dealing with multiple monsters simultaneously.