Parkour/Basic Moves/Landing

Landing edit

Landing is one of the most important techniques to master in the practice of Parkour. Traceurs who do not land properly risk repeated damage to their legs, back and joints.

The key to safely landing is bending the knees when toes make contact with ground. Never land flat footed; always land on toes and ball of your foot. Do not land with your feet (exaggeratedly) stretched! This "technique", as often seen in videos, might slightly (if at all) reduce strain on the vertebral column on impact, but significantly increases the risk of ankle fracture. This is due to the specific anatomy of the ankle joint. Stability of the lower ankle joint is notably decreased in the plantarflexed condition (i.e. when the foot is "stretched") increasing the risk of severe injuries. This is also the reason why most people twist their ankle when walking/running downhill.

Note edit

When landing from a move with a lot of momentum, it may be best to land using a Parkour Roll.