Parkour/Basic Moves/Parkour Roll

The Parkour Roll is a very important skill to learn properly. The purpose of this roll is to lighten the impact of a fall or landing during your run. Practice safe rolls without much speed or height at first, on grass.

Steps edit

  • Land on the heels of your feet. If your heels fall back on the ground - the roll you need to do is the back roll. You must maintain forward momentum for the front roll to have any purpose.
  • Keep your legs at a ninety degree (right) angle when you land. this will prevent you from injuring your knees, and keep your forward momentum.
  • Your hands should be out in front of you pulling you into this movement. It helps to form a diamond shape with the hands. Place the forearm that corresponds with the shoulder you are most comfortable rolling with on the ground.
  • Upon impact you should move your gaze down to your waist line and tuck your chin in.
  • Pull your shoulder forward with your hands. At the same time push off from your toes.
  • Roll onto your shoulder in a diagonal motion. Keep your legs tucked, so that your body is tense and strong.
  • Now from your shoulder roll onto the muscle surface of your gluteus maximus. If you roll onto your hip or the side of your pelvis, you'll probably end up bruising yourself.
  • Roll up on to one knee, and use the continuing momentum to come up on both feet. This last position will vary from person to person.

Visual Guides and Tutorials edit