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PRD Fireball Shop Manual/Manual of Style

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This page implements a Wikibooks:Manual of Style for the PRD Fireball Shop Manual. This page provides clarification of the expected styling for each page belonging to the book, and is open to discussion and change when required.

Page CompositionEdit

This section enumerates the acceptable "types" of pages that should exist in a "shop manual". Those pages, serving differing purposes, may require differing structures. All pages of the same "type" deserve a consistent style. Set fourth below is the current style suggestion for each page type. If new page types are added, very likely a styling section should be added to address that new page type.

Adjustments and Maintenance ProceduresEdit

The following item headlines should be covered at Heading Level 1:

  1. Introduction
    Cover the purpose of the procedure, and the components which the procedure is applicable to. List components in an ordered list to enhance the visibility and perceived importance.
  2. What You'll Need
    Detail the items associated with each category, both required or optional, for completing the procedure as Heading Level 2:
    1. Tools
    2. Replacement Parts
    3. Consumable Materials
    4. Equipment i.e. Safety equipment.
  3. Steps
    Detail the "high-level steps" as Heading Level 2. i.e. "==Remove Head==". Below each "high-level step", detail the precise step-by-step instructions in an ordered list. i.e. "# Remove the four M13 nuts from the head studs."

See Bottom End for an example of a procedure that exemplifies this styling guideline.