PRD Fireball Shop Manual

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This book is a collection of procedures, specifications, and reference material, gathered to serve professional and amateur mechanics in the process of maintaining a PRD Fireball engine.

Most sections may link to an official procedure, but no section shall refer solely to external procedures unless outside the scope of this Wikibook, which is to say: if any section exists purely to link information outside of the Wikibook, that information should be fully outside the scope of a Shop Manual procedure. One primary intent for this strategy, is to allow for the Wikibook to fully document the procedures as a complete reference, and allow for the book to be printable in complete and usable form.

The contents of this book should resemble that of any standard Shop Manual, but not an encyclopedia or dictionary page. In addition to the standard format of a Shop Manual, this Wikibook will also aid the reader by providing reference to special tools, published material, and other online information, as well as offline contact information.

Thank You, and Enjoy!

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