Outdoor Education/Proposal

Proposal edit

The niche edit

There is a fairly small range of textbooks on the topic of outdoor education, typically North American. These books regularly go out of print, thus much good material is lost to the community. The proposed concept for this wikibook is to harness the outdoor education community knowledge to create a combined open outdoor education textbook for use in secondary- and tertiary-level outdoor education training.

Where good quality, freely usable content already exists online (e.g., on university websites), this book may simply link to that material. However, the book also provides a way to host materials which make appropriate textbook content.

Over time, books and articles which are out of print and/or for which copyright permission allows, may be converted and uploaded, providing they fit with the book structure. Original, intact previous publications are, however, probably best uploaded to WikiSource. Content uploaded into wikibooks should be editable and modifiable.

What this book is edit

  1. An introduction to outdoor education.
  2. A free culture text which covers the major topics in outdoor education.
  3. Targetted for people studying outdoor education or training to be outdoor educators.

What this book is not edit

  1. Commercial
  2. Lessons plans - such content would be more appropriate on the accompanying outdoor education wikiversity page.