Outdoor Education

This book currently consists of a proposal for a collaboratively-authored, open-licensed tertiary-level introduction to the field of outdoor education. If you want to join in, great - Be bold! See also outdoor education (Wikipedia) and outdoor education (Wikiversity).

Table of contents

  Feel free to add extra chapters (or headings within chapters) which you would like to read or contribute to. All ideas are welcome, although they will get restructured as the book develops:

  1. Definition and scope  
  2. History  
  3. Around the world  
  4. Environment  
  5. Experiential learning  
  6. Groups and leadership  
  7. Facilitation techniques  
  8. Risk and safety  

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  • If you are teaching an outdoor education unit to trainees, this book could really do with some student-authored content being posted here! Contact Jtneill if you want a hand to set up such a learning/assessment exercise.


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