Orthopaedic Surgery/Acknowledgements

Orthopaedic Surgery

1.Basic Sciences · 2.Upper Limb · 3.Foot and Ankle · 4.Spine · 5.Hand and Microsurgery · 6.Paediatric Orthopaedics · 7.Adult Reconstruction · 8.Sports Medicine · 9.Musculoskeletal Tumours · 10.Injury · 11.Surgical Procedures · 12.Rehabilitation · 13.Practice

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Thanks to Wikibooks and the Wikimedia foundation. The whole idea of having a book on orthopaedic surgery was possible due to the ideas espoused by the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales. But the whole project would not have been possible without the help of the software, Mediawiki developed by a German student, Magnus Manske. Thanks to all these bunch of nice guys for providing us the platform to build this book on.

Contributions to Wikibooks, and this module, Orthopaedic Surgery in particular come from several volunteers who have directed their efforts at providing content to the rest of us. With the numerous edits and revisions that many other volunteers have made the contents of this textbook has made sense and been useful to everyone else. Many of the ideas regarding structure and content placement have been borrowed form other modules in wikibooks. Without the community this book would not have been possible and we will always remain grateful to them. We have made a modest attempt to list the contributors of this book in the Authors page.