Open Education Practices: A User Guide for Organisations

The development of open educational resources and practices at Otago Polytechnic is innovative in a number of ways. Firstly, ownership and responsibility for educational media and online learning was passed to willing staff, rather than being claimed by the organisation. Secondly, staff were encouraged and supported to use popular social media channels such as Youtube and Wikipedia to publish and promote their work, and to network with other professionals and share reciprocally in their work. Thirdly, the impact this effort was having on staff was measured, including the return it brought in terms of marketing the polytechnic, and the educational outcomes for the wider community. This is an overview of such development work for the period 2006-2009. It should be noted that this period of development was exploratory and not large in scale. The analysis of the impact of OER was done based on a convenience sample of early adopting staff, and from this work, recommendations for further work are made in the final chapter.

Contents edit

Preface | Download or order book | Introduction | Foreword | Cape Town Declaration | Video: OER at OP | Literature Review | Resources and Practices | Development | Intellectual Property Policy | Educational Development | Models of Open Education | Measuring Open Education | Recommendations | Incentives and Rewards | A word on ICT | Libraries are critical | Marketing | Responses | Credits| Resources