OpenSSL/Notes for contributors

Ideally, the chapters in this wikibook should have a narrative structure. Not quite a tutorial or HOWTO, but not an API reference, either. The book should explain the API, but with a focus on introducing the big ideas, explaining when and why you would want to use a particular function, and show how to use the various API functions together to accomplish real-world tasks.

Although this is the eventual goal, I certainly don't want to discourage anyone from contributing content, especially at this early stage. Once we have content, we can restructure and evolve it to have more of the narrative flow of a book.

The front page of the book is modeled after the Haskell wikibook, although without using templates. (Since the templates make it more complicated, and WikiBooks won't let me create templates, anyway.) All of the pages of the book should be listed in the table of contents. If the number of pages becomes unwieldy for the current structure of the table of contents, we can restructure the table of contents.