Old School RuneScape/Skills/Fletching

Fletching allows players to make items related to Ranged arrows, bolts, bows and darts(after completing The Tourist Trap quest) . This skill is best used with Woodcutting as players will need logs to create almost everything they can make with fletching. Flething is a great skill that goes with Ranged because players can make all of their ammo and bows without having to spend money on these items. It is also one for magic as many players high-alch the bows they make.

Seer's village is a firm favorite among fletchers. It has all the different types of trees within bank reach except teak and mahogany as well as being very close to a large grove of the rare magic trees. However, when cutting the yew trees below the flax fields, most players prefer to use the bank in catherby as it is slightly closer. It also has flax and spinning wheels for making bowstrings and often low level players will be selling bowstrings in the bank.

Necessary Items

  • A Knife. These can be found South of Lumbridge Castle and also in a house in Seer's village.
  • Logs. These are used for making bows and arrows. See Woodcutting for more details on how to get the necessary logs.
  • Bolts. These are only used for making higher level bolts to go with crossbows.
  • Barbed tips, Opal tips or Pearl tips. These are used to make higher level bolts. Players get the barbed tips by playing the ranging mini-game at the ranging guild. Opal tips can be acquired by using a chisel with an opal. And for pearl tips players use a chisel on a pearl.
  • Arrow Heads. Players can make these in Smithing
  • A Bowstring. Used for making strung bows. Spin Flax on a spinning wheel to get a Bowstring