Old School RuneScape/Skills/Agility

Agility is a skill that allows players to balance on logs, climb walls, swing over ropes, and much more. Sometimes there are areas that are only accessible by some agility obstacles, for example, a log bridge. In addition, it comes in handy when recovering energy after running (note that running is available in RuneScape 2 only). The higher a player's level in agility, the faster they will recover energy.
To train this skill, there are multiple agility obstacle courses throughout the Runescape world. Each obstacle gives a certain amount of experience points; however if a player completes a full lap of the course, they will earn bonus experience. In order for a lap to count as complete, any obstacles that are failed need to be attempted again until they are passed safely.

Gnome's Course

This course is located in the south-east area of the Gnome's Stronghold, north of West Ardougne. This course is the only course accessible at level 1, and the next course starts at level 35.
Correct order of obstacles: Experience:
1. Walk across the log 7.5
2. Climb the netting 7.5
3. Climb the tree branch5
4. Walk across the tight rope7.5
5. Climb down the other tree5
6. Climb over the net wall7.5
7. Crawl through the tube7.5
Completing the lap86

Agility Pyramid


This arena requires a level of 30 agility to access but most players below level 40 experience a lot of trouble in completing it. It is located in the Kharidian Desert between Nardah and Sophamen, players need to talk to Simon Templeton (NPC) before starting. As it is a desert location, players are advised to bring desert robes and filled waterskins as well as food to avoid dying of heat. It is also advised for players to complete the Spirits of the Elid quest as this will allow them to use a bowl on the fountain in nardah to refill their waterskins. The course is set up like a pyramid, players run around in squares until they come to the stairs leading to the next level. Obstacles may be failed, after which the player falls down to the previous level of the pyramid, doing an obstacle backwards automatically results in failing. Upon reaching the top, players can climb handholds to receive a gold pyramid which can be sold to Simon at the base for 1000 gp, this is the only course that gives cash as a reward.

Obstacle: Experience
low wall (+) 8
stone block (+) 12
ledge (+) 20
gap (sliding/jumping) (+) 22
ledge (+) 20/50
plank (+) 56.4
floor 1 116
floor 2 128
floor 3 72
floor 4 64
floor 5 34
exit stairs 700 bonus
total pyramid (no fails) 1014 and 1000 gp
  • (+) - These make up the five floors, they are not separate obstacles, if players do not complete an entire floor this is the experience they will get for the individual obstacles they did complete.

Barbarian Outpost

The Barbarian Outpost is located past Baxtorian Falls, north of East Arduogne. To enter the course, players must have first completed the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl to show that they are a barbarian. Players must squeeze through a pipe that requires level 35 agility to access the course. This is the first course with potential for injury. If players fail at an obstacle, they will lose a portion of their health. The amount of damage is proportional to their maximum hits, so it is very hard to get killed, but bringing food is still advisable.
Correct order of obstacles: Experience:
1. Swing across spikes on rope 20
2. Walk across log 12.5
3. Climb up net 7.5
4. Walk across ledge 20
5. Climb three crumbling walls 12.5 each
Completing the lap 139.5

Ape Atoll Course


To enter this course, players must have 48 agility and they must have completed enough of the Recipe for Disaster quest that they have saved Awowogei. The course must be used in ninja monkey form.

Obstacle: Experience:
Stepping Stone 40
Climbing Tree 40
Monkey Bars 40
Cliff Climb 60
Rope Swing 100
Zip Vine 300
Total 580

Wilderness Course

The course is located in level 52 Wilderness. To enter, players must first walk up an initial ridge, which requires level 52 agility to cross. A major problem with training here are player killers who like to randomly attack other players, but the experience rewards here are much greater than the Barbarian Course.
Correct order of obstacles: Experience:
1. Crawl through pipe 12.5
2. Swing across spikes on rope 20
3. Cross lava on stepping stones 20
4. Walk across log over spike pit 20
Completing the lap 571.5

Werewolves' Course

The entrance to this course is located in the woods west of Canafis. In order to enter the course, players must be wearing the Ring of Charos, which they can get by completing the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest. Once you climb down the ladder, there are two options.
  • If players go to the right, there is the skullball course in which they kick a skull through a hanging skeletons legs. This requires level 25 agility to play. Players go around the course in a clockwise path. The faster they complete it, the more xp they will get. The maximum xp is 750 xp per lap and it can easily be completed it in about 2:30 mins.
  • If players go to the left they can start the Werewolves' Agility Course. This requires level 60 agility to start. When the player starts a lap, the wolf trainer will toss a stick for them to fetch on the other side of the pipes. The player will need to pick it up and bring it back to the wolf at the end of the course. Players should be careful on the death slide as they can fall off and get hurt for up to 30 damage, and it can kill them. The more weight they have have, the more likely they are to fall off.
Correct order of obstacles: Experience:
1. Stepping stones 10 (x5)
2. Hurdle 20 (x3)
3. Pipe 15
4. Wall 25
5. Death Slide 200
Completing the lap 540

Brimhaven Agility Arena


Players can access this arena by talking to Cap'n Izzy No-Beard in the hut in the north east of Brimhaven, right next to the gate. Here they can race against the clock to collect tickets. The aim is to make their way between the 25 platforms to the one with the arrow above it and tag the ticket dispenser. Each minute the arrow changes to a different platform. For each one they consecutively, they get one ticket, which can be redeemed afterward for prizes and xp. It is recommended that players come here after lvl 40 xp, even though it is possible to enter with any level. Each obstacle gives different xp. When crossing the planks, only one will get players across. Look for the one that isn't crooked. The darts are also poisoned and will bring the player's agility level down temporarily when failed.

Obstacles in:

  • Normal text require no agility lvl.
  • Italic text require lvl. 20 agility.
  • Bold text require lvl. 40 agility.
Obstacle Experience
Blade 0
Planks 6
Low wall 8
Rope Walk 10
Log Balance 12
Monkey Bars 14
Ledge 16
Pillars 18
Rope Swing 20
Hand holds 22
Floor Spikes 24
Pressure pads 26
Spinning Blades 28
Darts 30

Players can collect the tickets that they receive from the machines and redeem the with Pirate Jack the Fruity, who is in the entrance hut.

No. of tickets Reward
1 240 xp
10 2480 xp (248-each)
25 6500 xp (260-each)
100 28,000 xp (280-each)
1000 320,000 xp (320-each)
3 Toadflax (herb)
10 Snapdragon (herb)

Agility Dungeon


Located in Yanille, this is not a training arena though player's agility skills are put to use. Players need Level 40 agility to enter the first obstacle.



Scattered through the world are other little places where agility can help players to overcome obstacles to take time saving shortcuts.

Level Name Information
5 Falador Agility Shortcut Allows passage from Falador to Taverly. Handy for Taverly dungeon.
16 Yanille Agility Shortcut Allows access to a small island with moss giants on.
20 Coal Truck Log Balance Allows access from the Seers area to the coal trucks
21 Varrock Agility Shortcut Pipe linking Varrock palace to the forest north of Varrock.
26 Falador Agility Shortcut Tunnel crossing the southern wall into Falador. Allows quicker access to the crafting guild.
29 Lumbridge Fence Squeeze To Swamp Quick access to Lumbridge swamp from the cemetery in Lumbridge church. Useful for getting to the Lost City.
31 Draynor Manor Log Balance To Champions Guild Stepping stones allowing a quick crossing from Draynor village to the Champions Guild
33 Ardougne Log Balance Shortcut Cross the river near Ardougne's north bank.
37 Gnome Stronghold Shortcut between the Barbarian outpost and Grand Tree area.
38 Al Kharid Mining Pit Cliffside Scramble Allows quick route out of the mine.
41 Trollheim - Easy Cliffside Scramble Shortcut in Trollheim.
42 Dwarven Mine - Narrow Crevice Links one side of the mine to the other.
43 Trollheim - Medium Cliffside Scramble Shortcut in Trollheim.
44 Trollheim - Advanced Cliffside Scramble Shortcut in Trollheim,
46 Trollheim - Advanced Cliffside Scramble Makes runecrafting cosmic runes from the Lost City faster.
47 Trollheim - Hard Cliffside Scramble Shortcut in Trollheim.
48 Log balance To Fremmenick Province Behind the Sinclair Mansion. Allows quick access to the Slayer Dungeon.
51 Pipe From Edgeville Dungeon To Varrock Sewers Links west Edgeville sewers to north-east Varrock sewers.
58 Port Phasmatys - Ectopool Shortcut A handy shortcut that makes filling buckets with slime a lot quicker.
59 Elven Lands - Arandar Overpass Cuts off long bend in the path to the elf land.
61 Slayer Tower - Medium Spiked Chain Climb Ground floor to first floor.
62 Slayer Dungeon - Narrow Crevice Access from basilisks to turoths.
64 Trollheim Wilderness Routes Allows a shortcut from Trollheim into the wilderness. One way only.
65 Temple on the Salve to Morytania shortcut Allows quick access to Morytania without going through the dungeon. Must have completed Priest In Peril quest.
66 Cosmic Temple - Advanced Narrow Walkway Even faster access for cosmic rune crafters.
68 Elven Overpass, medium cliffside scramble Cut out another large bend on the path to the elf land.
70 Taverley Dungeon Pipe Squeeze To Blue Dragon Lair One of the handiest shortcuts, allows very quick access from near the Taverly dungeon entrance to the blue dragon layer.
71 Slayer Tower - Advanced Spiked Chain Climb First floor to second floor in the slayer tower.
80 Taverley Dungeon Spiked Blades Jump Quick access to the east side of the dungeon (near the poison spiders) from near the entrance.
81 Slayer Dungeon Spiked Blades Jump Access from very near the entrance to the pyrefiends.
85 Elven Overpass, advanced cliffside scramble Cuts out another bend in the path to the elf land.