Old School RuneScape/Quests/Tears of Guthix

This is a relatively short quest for the awesome reward it gives (in my opinion at least). The only hitch is that players need 49 Firemaking and Crafting to complete it. For those of us who had trouble finding the start point of the quest and spend about half an hour searching around for it (like me), it is located in the Lumbridge slayer caves below the swamp (see the Slayer guide for details on the caves). Bring a bullseye lantern (you'll need it for the quest anyway) and a tinderbox. It really helps to have started the The Lost Tribe quest because this allows you to avoid wall beasts (if you haven't started the quest bring a spiny helmet and wear it in the caves).

  • Started The Lost Tribe - All you have to do to get there is enter the secret entrance in the kitchen cellar of Lumbridge Castle and either take the first turn left (automatic wash down the river, won't do any damage) or take the first turn right, mine through the rock (bring a pickaxe) and end up not far from the river-washing spot. Whichever route you took, just go south until you get to a stepping stone with some Giant Frogs on the other side (these are not dangerous) and go across. You should see a cave entrance, go in there.
  • Haven't started The Lost Tribe - Once again, bring a spiny helmet! To get there just head into Lumbridge swamp until you see a ! icon, use a rope on the entrance and go down. From the swamp entrance just go as far southeast in the caves as you can (you have to go off this track for a few seconds to get through the winding passages, don't worry that's ok). Eventually you should see the stepping stone, go across and into the caves.

Once you're in the right cave, follow the path to the climbing rocks and go down. Talk to Juna (NPC snake, not dangerous) to start the quest. Now to make the special bowl: get a pickaxe, a chisel, a sapphire, and a bullseye lantern (unless you were smart and already have one). Go up the rockslide and extinguish your lantern. Now use your sapphire with it and light it again. Use it on one of the light creatures for a (slightly terrifying, if you're afraid of heights close your eyes) trip across the chasm. Once across, mine the rocks and use a chisel on the rock you get to make the bowl. Use your sapphire lantern on a light creature again to get back across. Now extinguish your lantern, use your lens on it and light it again. Go back to Juna to access the Tears of Guthix cave.

Juna will also tell you some interesting stories about how Geilinor (RuneScape) was formed such as the God Wars, Cave Goblins, and some of the ancient civilizations that existed before Zamorak invaded.

The minigame: Once every week you may access the Tears of Guthix minigame (if you're there an hour early too bad for you, you have to wait). This will let you collect tears from the blue walls in the cave, after your time in the cave is up you go outside and drink the tears. Depending on how many tears you got, you get experience in your lowest skill (this is how I got 42 farming). There are only three problems. First is that the green walls will take away tears. The second is that the walls will move around the cave. Figure out your own strategy for dealing with this. By the way, no need to keep clicking on a wall, when you start draining tears from it your character keeps going until you say differently (they also don't stop if the wall goes empty or turns green). The third problem is that every week, you must have either 100k exp (can be spread over all your skills) or 1 quest point more than you had the week before or you won't be allowed into the cave. I prefer to start preparing for any quest I choose on Mondays, go to the cave on Wednesdays, keep training and do a quest over the weekend. This system has worked pretty well for me but you might like something different. I do quests because the more quest points you have, the longer you can stay in the cave.