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ETH Oberon System Genealogy Tree

Note: Suggestions for corrections and hints for improvement are welcome. The dates are approximative.

Genesis of the Oberon System and its ports
  System name Target Machine Processor OS Milestone
    Lilith (ETH)      
1985 Oberon Ceres-1 (ETH) NS 32032   Fall: Oberon project start
1987         Mid-year: Draft Oberon version
1988 Oberon Wir88a, Wir88a Ceres-2 (ETH) NS 32532 Oberon (native) Mid-year: Oberon system introduced at the ETH
1989         Oberon in programming courses
1990 Oberon Ceres-3 (ETH) NS 32GX32   Portable compiler Cre90
        System completion
1991 Spark-Oberon Tem90 SPARCstation (SUN) SPARC UNIX (SunOS) Oberon-2 MoW91a, MoW91b
MacOberon Fra90a, Fra90b Macintosh II (Apple) MC68020 MacOS
DEC-Oberon DECstation 3100 and 5000 (DEC) MIPS R2000 UNIX (Ultrix)
MS-DOS Oberon Dis93 Intel-based PC Intel MS DOS
Chameleon Oberon HeP92 Chameleon (ETH) LSI LR33000 Oberon (native)
        Oberon System 3 project start
1992         System books Rei92, WiG92
1993 HP-Oberon Sup94 HP 9000 Series 700 (HP) PA-RISC HP-UX Object model adopted Cre94, Cre95
Oberon for Windows Intel-based PC Intel MS Windows NT, 3.1
Genesis of the ETH Oberon (formerly System 3) and its ports
  System name Target Machine Processor OS Milestone
1990         Gadgets Mar90, Mar91, Mar94b
1991 Oberon System 3 Ceres-2 (ETH) NS 32532 Oberon (native) Oberon System 3 project start
1992 Spirit of Oberon Intel-based PC Intel MS Windows 3.1 and 3.11 Followed Oberon System 3 for Windows 95/98/NT
1993 MacOberon Mac PowerPC 68k-based Mac   MacOS Fra93a
1994 Hybrid Oberon Intel-based PC Intel Hybrid Kernel Prototype of Native Oberon
Native Oberon Intel-based PC Intel Native Oberon  
1998 Oberon for Linux Intel-based PC Intel Linux Replaced by Linux-based Native Oberon
Oberon Linux PPC Mac PowerPC 68k-based Mac   Linux PPC  
SPARC SPARCstation (SUN) SPARC Solaris (SUN)  
HPUX       Beta version
Linux-based Oberon Intel-based PC Intel Linux  
1999 SharkOberon DEC DNARD NC StrongARM Oberon (native)  
Linux x86 Intel-based PC Intel Linux  
Solaris x86 Intel-based PC Intel Solaris  
        Programming language project with Microsoft Research
2000         Renamed to "ETH Oberon"

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