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Plug-In ETH Oberon for Windows

Plug-In ETH Oberon for Windows is a port of the ETH Oberon operating system running on top of Windows. It is currently available for the Microsoft Windows platforms: 9x, ME, NT and 2000. It was developed for the purpose of obtaining a fine grain integration of Oberon on the Windows desktop (thus not confining Oberon to a full-screen interface), to allow using Oberon as a browser plug-in and as an ActiveX server. Classical implementations of Oberon System 3 run in full screen mode. This is an obvious choice when Oberon is implemented as a native operating system. However, if Oberon is implemented on top of another operating system, a full screen solution is not optimal. Oberon components ranging from simple gadgets such as buttons, to complex containers such as desktops, can be plugged into a foreign context, e.g. web pages. Such pluggable objects may not only display themselves but are also able to use other mechanisms provided by their context, e.g. scripting (VB Script, JavaScript), drag & drop, web streams, etc.

Latest Release
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Earlier versions

The ETH Plug-In Oberon for Windows is an offspring of two other Oberon for Windows ports which are currently not maintained anymore but are still available for download:

Oberon System 3 for Windows 95 / 98 / NT Release 2.3.

Oberon System 3 for Windows (Win32s) Release 2.2 for use with Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT. This version is an offspring of the "Spirit of Oberon" Windows version created by Hannes Marais.

In both versions, Oberon is running as full-screen Windows application. The two would have to be updated and recompiled to incorporate the latest developments of the ETH Oberon system.

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