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The "Open Content Photography Program" was created to help people learn professional photography. It is not a book about photography it is a book about learning photography. Open Content means anyone can, not just read it, but also improve it.

I think the term professional photography is misused here. Professional photographers are those who make their living from photography. Very few people with little or no prior knowledge will make it as a 'pro' without formal training and work experience in a field as competitive as photography. Maybe the word professional should be dropped and replaced with 'professional techniques of photography'.

Help others help you to learnEdit

If you improve the study program with your correct articles, useful links and information; more people will use it and they will improve the program too. You learn and teach in exchange, everybody wins.


The Open Content Photography Program is free, and it will always be free.

Always evolvingEdit

As long as people use this book, and contribute by adding or changing content it will improve. Even if their founders stop helping, others will continue their task.


Fine Art
Still Life

Open ContentsEdit

Open Contents means anyone can improve this book, adding content, changing content or deleting bad content.


The only contribution this book needs, is that you share what you know best about photography education.

Quality controlsEdit

Anti-Spam controlsEdit

People who have an interest in this book are watching its evolution, and they will delete any content that is not appropriate.


If anyone can edit it anyone can delete it, right? Yes, but its very easy to undelete it.

Correct contentEdit

Exact content depends on two things: First, write only about what you know. Second, correct or delete content only if you are absolutely sure it is not correct.

Stable VersionsEdit

Sometimes, for safety purposes, the content of this book will be saved in another website. Anyone will be able to access that website. No stable version is ready yet.