OC Photography Program

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About the OC Photography Program
The Open Content Photography Program is being built to help people to learn professional photography. It is not a book about photography, it's a book about learning photography on your own.
Art History for Photographers
For photographers art history is very important to keep an open mind, and to know the evolution of other arts that can be considered forerunners of photography.
Photography History
By studying the masters we can learn a lot about photography. Each of them has important lessons to teach the photography student.
Fundamentals of Photographic Technique
Traditional and digital photography techniques have a lot in common. Whatever tools you use, it's important to understand the fundamental techniques of the medium.
The Light
Photographia, in Greek, literally means "writing of light". Understanding, and sometimes controlling light is a very important task for photographers.
Traditional Darkroom
Does a traditional darkroom make sense in a digital age? It is an excellent way to learn photography. Also, traditionally produced images still carry a cachet for some galleries and collectors.
Digital Photography
In commercial photography, personal photography and fine art, digital photography brought new possibilities.
Digital Cameras
Choosing a digital camera can be a difficult task, so knowing the particular uses to which it is to be put is important.
Digital Darkroom
The "digital darkroom" is what photographers call the computer software they use to process images. Knowing how to use digital tools is essential for a practicing photographer today.
Commercial Practices
The difference between being a good photographer and a good professional photographer is not technical but commercial.