Neuroimaging Data Processing/Glossary

Neuroimaging Data Processing
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BOLD edit


EPI edit

(gradient-echo) echoplanar imaging

fMRI edit

functional magnetic resonance imaging

MRI edit

magnetic resonance imaging

rotation edit

turning the entire image around an axis in space: x-y, x-z, y-z (in the absence of translation)

TE edit

echo time

TR edit

repetition time

translation edit

moving the entire image volume along an axis in space: x-,y-, and z-axes (in the absence of rotation)

volume edit

one 3-dimensional image, i.e., one timepoint in a 4-dimensional fMRI image

voxel edit

one 3-dimensional unit (length × width × height) in a 3-dimensional image (analogous to a pixel in a 2-dimensional image)

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