Glossary of Computer and Communications Terms

For each term in the Glossary, there is a single data page. When a term is usually known by its acronym, it is defined on a page with that title. When needed, redirect pages will be used to get to that data page from any other frequently used names.

Many terms contained here have more information than is displayed in a simple definition. When a word or phrase within a definition is shown in italics, that word or phrase is also expected to appear in the glossary. A list of All terms is contained at the bottom of this page.

Terms in the Glossary include: processes, languages, terms of art, acronyms, hardware devices, software package names, companies and organizations. Every effort is made to note those that are trademarks or proprietary names. All such use is intended to be made under fair use conditions and should not reduce the owner's rights or the terms of the GNU/GFDL license applied to this work as a whole. The full text of the free use license that applies here is located at Wikipedia License.

The following is Subject to Change. Currently each term is being set up on a subpage of the Glossary. This is mandated by their intended use in pop-up windows when reading the book.

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List of TermsEdit


Active Server Page - Actual Cost of Work Performed - ACWP - Adobe - ADP - Aldus - ANI - Animated Cursor - Apache - Apache Software Foundation - ASP - Application - Application Service Provider - Assembler - Assembly - Assembly Language


Basic - Binary - Borland


Computer - CSS


General Routing Encapsulation - GRE - HTML - Hypertext Markup Language




MPLS - Multiprotocol Label Switching


PKI - Public Key Infrastruture




Unary Operator - Unicode - Uniform Resource Identifier - Uniform Resource Locator - Uniform Resource Name - URI - URL - URN


Virtual Private Network - VPN