Neurocognition of Language/Guidelines for Authors

The concept and initial chapters of Neurocognition of Language were developed as a class project at the Department of Psychology of Goethe University Frankfurt / Germany (summer term 2014). The students involved in this project determined a number of basic style guidelines for this wikibook:

  1. Introduction. Each chapter should have an Introduction section that briefly outlines the scope of the chapter and its content, so that the reader knows what to expect from this chapter.
  1. Text Boxes. Important terms and phrases shall be explained in text boxes.
  1. External Links. However, if other resources exist (such as e.g. Wikipedia entries), those should be linked so that there is no need to produce the same information twice.
  1. Further Readings. For each chapter, there should be 2 or 3 suggestions for further in-depth reading.
  1. References. References follow APA style. Important original publications are specially marked.

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