Neurocognition of Language

Neurocognition of Language is intended to develop into a fundamental textbook on language and the brain. It will be started by the students of a seminar course with the same title, at the Departmenf of Psychology at Goethe University Frankfurt / Germany. The texts from the course have been uploaded and we are excited to see how this wikibook will develop in the future!

Logo of the Book "Neurocognition of Language"
Logo of the Book "Neurocognition of Language"

These chapters are intended as a starting point for the continuous development of the book by future participants in the same class, other students and interested colleagues in the field.

Contents edit

  1. Preface
  2. Evolution of Language
  3. Biological Bases of Language
  4. Speech Comprehension and Speech Production
  5. Word Recognition
  6. Sentence Processing
  7. Reading and Writing
  8. Language Development
  9. The Neurocognition of Bilingualism
  10. Sign Language
  11. Acquired Disorders of Speech and Language
  12. Further Resources

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