Movie Making Manual/Cannes

Cannes undoubtedly the biggest film festival of them all. Over 2 weeks the entire film industry gathers in the French Riveria to buy, sell and develop films. Even if you are making the most niche eclectic films in the world you cannot consider yourself involved in film if you've not been to Cannes at least once.

How to get there edit

Fly to Nice, (from London Easyjet do cheap fares) and then get the bus or train to Cannes, or rent a car (air-conditioning can be a real need).

One should first be accredited to be allowed to watch the movies in competition or enter the film market space. See external link to the official website in english as to be accredited, that can be done on-line, weeks in advance, usually accrediting would close in april.

You should be able to give an adress where you plan to stay as to be accredited.

Also, one has to know that the main screen projection, in the Festival Palace, only allows men dressed with smoking suits and ladies in evening dresses. One can rent smoking suits nearby the palace, on Carnot boulevard for instance.

But there is also a lot of screenings in the city during the Festival that allow people in everyday clothes.

Parking in the center of Cannes is a pain in the neck during the Festival. You can park further from the very city center and either walk or take a bus (a quarter to half an hour trip or walk), considering the bus terminal is by the harbour, west end of the Croisette (sea border in town).

Renting an house or flat or an hotel room during the Festival is something expensive, uneasy to do and has to be considered months in advance. Also, one should consider renting in a village or in the country side around Cannes, meaning up to 15 km away, and that can be a one hour trip considering the traffic jam during the film festival.

The weather can be very hot, summerlike, doing the Festival, but it also can be grey, rainy and mid cold. This time of year can be unstable but it would snow only once in a century. Evenings, nights especially, can be a bit cold so you have to take a summer suit as well as a jumper and a raincoat or umbrella. It usually rains one day or so during the week. Don't consider bathing unless you like cold water. But most of the time, evening would be great to have dinner and partying outside. Enjoy !

External Links edit

See Berlin Means Business - A review of the Berlin 2006 film festival which compares Berlin to Cannes.

See Cannes Film Festival - The official Festival website in english. Registering online (Accreditation), festival informations.