Modern Physics/Introduction

Welcome Edit

Welcome to Modern Physics. This book has a lot of information, but it also needs a lot of work. Feel free to read all the material that we have, and edit the material that needs editing. If you want to do a lot of work on this book, it is recommended that you read the note for contributors.

Who This Book is For Edit

This book is for an introductory undergraduate study of calculus-based physics. The material covered in this book frequently is spread out over two or three semesters in an average undergraduate curriculum, if not more. This book will rely heavily on Calculus, including differential and integral calculus, multivariable calculus, and differential equations. Also, some topics of Linear Algebra will be considered and utilized. Students without the necessary background in mathematics will have a difficult time reading and following the material.

What This Book Will Cover Edit

This book will cover the topic of waves first, because they are a predominant part of modern physical theory. Next, this book will cover the basics of motion. Next, the theory of Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are introduced. In the later sections, we cover a number of disjointed topics, including Gravity, Electromagnetism, Fluid dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Nuclear Physics. Additional topics may be added later, as needed. Many of the sections in this book are incomplete, and many pages are stubs. Readers are encouraged to help expand sections that need help.

Where To Go From Here Edit

At the present time, there are no materials on Wikibooks that cover material that is more advanced than this. More material on future subjects may be added, however.