Modern Physics/For Contributors

This page is going to be a brief introduction to editing this book, as well as a general style guide for new contributors.

A Radically Modern Approach to Introductory Physics edit

This book was published under the GFDL, and is a good resource. Since it is under the GFDL, material can be harvested from it, and adapted for this wikibook:

This textbook aims to cover every aspect of modern physics at an undergraduate level in such a manner that anyone who is literate, and not frightened of math, should be able to understand and use it. It can be used to add new material to the Modern Physics book.

Navigation Templates edit

The following template was created for this book, to provide a standardized navigational system.

Sections can also be altered to have their own navigational templates, as needed.

Stubs edit

Some pages are stubs, and new pages may become stubs. To ensure that stubs are found and expanded, they should be marked. To mark a stub, you should use the following template:

This will put a little notice in the section that it is a stub, and will add the page to the following category:

All current stub pages are listed in that category, and new users should become familiar with it.

Category edit

All pages and templates in this book should belong to the following category:

The navigation templates automatically add a page to this category, so any page that doesn't have an appropriate navigation template won't be included in this category. Templates can be added to this category manually.

Contributors edit

Contributors can list themselves on the Modern Physics main talk page, or they can list themselves on this talk page. Contributors should not list their names on any module pages, nor should they sign their contributions on the module pages. Such signatures or name lists will be deleted.