Template:Modern Physics/Nav

About this Template edit

This is a navigational template used for the Modern Physics wikibook. This template automatically produced a backlink to the main page of the book, and, if provided with an optional parameter, will produce a second-level backlink as well. for instance, {{ModernPhysicsNav}} will produce:

While {{ModernPhysicsNav|Electromagnetism}} will produce:

This template assumes that the main table of contents is found at Modern Physics, and that sub-sections are located at "Modern Physics:SUBSECTION:Contents".

2nd and 3rd Parameters edit

Also, two more optional parameters have been added to allow for a link to the previous page and the next page. These parameters can be left out entirely, if one or both links are not needed. For instance, {{ModernPhysicsNav|Waves|Light|Beats}} Will produce:

< Light : Beats >

If the naming convention of the Modern Physics book is changed, this template must also be changed.

This template automatically includes the target page in Category:Book:Modern Physics.