Models and Theories in Human-Computer Interaction/WiKi book increasing group motivation and nudge social Loafing

Wikibook is a great platform where users from anywhere in the world can collaborate their knowledge and thoughts. It is basically a collection of open content textbooks and can be very productive to create content eliminating the barrier of distant location. In group work motivation increases and performance at the same time.

“Activity theory understands human beings as dialectically recreating their own environment. Subjects are not merely choosing from possibilities from the environment, but they are also actively creating the environment through activity (Carroll, 2003)”. The collaborative work at wiki book can be a great example of activity theory, where the user can write, edit and publish their thought.

Carroll also mentioned in his book the term social loafing, which explains people may not use their full potential while working in a group, which exhibits variation in performance level. Explains group work may not be the only solution to solve a problem.
References: 1. Carroll, J. M. (2003). HCI Models, Theories, and Frameworks. San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.