Models and Theories in Human-Computer Interaction/We Are Not Only Users

We Are Not Only Users.

WikiBook is a social and group platform motivation the interaction among the end users, since we are not only adapting this tool, but also changing and redesign it. WikiBook is a computer-mediated tool that goes beyond the pure meaning of using interface, it has been a platform that users can redesign and reorganize it at the same time when they use it as a tool. In another word, we can be a designer and user at the same time.

WikiBook is a typical example right on the point of activity theory. When users practice on this interface, they would understand more about how this platform or this interface shaped, how to take advantage of it. For example, by using this kind of computer-mediated interface, instead of only focus on how to use a tool, what to do with this tool; users can focus more on and pay more attention on what can I do for this tool, how can I change it and what would I design it to be. At this point, this interface could be regarded as a transparent tool. For me, transparent tool is more like a combination of computer and human, humans can get more feedback from the system, because these interfaces are not ready for only on direction practice, instead, they are open-ended, users can practice to any directions they want and need. As a result, transparent tools could be more user-friendly, practical and flexible.